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01 September 2008 @ 02:06 pm
2008 Presidential Candidates: There is no such thing as a perfect candidate in any political campaign. I currently do not support all of the policies of any single candidate, and therefore, if I wish to exercise my right to vote, I must pick the candidate that I agree with most. It is a shame that so are given so little choice in America, and that our decisions are more or less decided for us.

My vote is currently for Barack Obama. While I do not agree, as I said before, with all of his proposed policies, I feel that it is a step in the right direction.

Party: Same as with the candidates, I cannot support all the polices of any party. I am currently left-leaning in my choices, but I, like the majority of Americans, do not picks sides.

Abortion: I am pro-life. I do believe that it is a child from the time of conception. I do not, however, shun those who are pro-choice. I do not view them as demons. It is a matter of your understanding of when life begins. They are not out to kill babies.

Affirmative Action: I am not a racist.

I do not believe in Affirmative Action, however. I believe in equality of opportunity and condition, but this cannot exist in situations where quotas are applied. To give an opportunity to one and not another is still discrimination, regardless of the grounds upon which it is based.

Capital Punishment: Wrong.
The only difference between murder and execution is that one is perpetrated by those in power under the guise of justice.

Censorship: I don't care if it offends you, I have a right to say it. If you want the right to have your Christian signs, then you must allow others the right to their signs too. It is a first amendment right and one that recently has been under fire. No legal or political entity has the right to tell any citizen what they can or cannot say.

Cuba: The American perception of Cuba is still steeped in fear left over from the Cold War. No, I do not agree with the policies of Fidel or Raul Castro, however much of the American sentiment towards Cuba is not based on their policies, but their label as a Communist nation. Communism is not evil. It is not synonymous with Anti-Americanism. We need to improve our relations with Cuba.

Current Administration (Bush/Cheney): I disagree with almost all of the personal agendas of the Bush Administration. They have not followed through on their promises, they have led us into an extreme economic down turn and taken us into a war with no foreseeable end.

I am counting down the days....

Current Congress: Have they even done anything yet?

Education: Access to education is extremely important.

America has spent approx. $1.5 billion dollars informing people about the switch to digital TV, and less than a third of that amount on education.

Our priorities are not in order, and unless we fix this we will not be able to compete in the global market. America's status as a superpower is slipping and we are doing nothing to fix that.

Electoral College: We should get rid of the electoral college and base our vote on the popular vote. It is absurd that the people can vote for one person, and another is put into office. It is undemocratic.

Energy: Our independence on oil and other natural gasses and fossil fuels is not good for our country or the environment. We need to focus on developing cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy and we need to do it soon. We also need to begin using those sources when we have them.

Flag Burning: People view it as horrible, but we have flag underwear. I ask you: Why is it wrong to set a flag on fire, but not to put the flag on your ass?

Foreign Policy: America: You are not the most amazing and most powerful nation in the world.

The world is increasingly becoming more homogenized and we need to move with that trend. We can no longer rely soley on our reputation. We must compete in the global market, work with other countries to develop sound and peaceful polices and rely on ties with other nations. We cannot do anything alone anymore.

Gay Rights: I've struggled with a decision on this one for a while.

More and more scientific studies are showing that it is a genetic predisposition. That means that if you believe in a creator, that creator made people that way. I cannot believe that God would make a person one way and expect them to live a life contrary to that.

Global Warming: It's happening and we need to stop it. The American Government needs to act on this by putting policies in place to prevent misuse of our resources and exploitation of the system by corporations.

Globalization: It certainly has its ups and downs.

On one hand, the movement of American companies across seas has increased the standard of living in many poor countries and opened up markets to a whole new set of consumers.

On the other hand, it has moved American jobs overseas and there are certainly violations of human rights that are not being dealt with. Corporations and governments must take responsibility for this.

Gun Control: I do not feel safer walking down the street knowing that everyone has guns. If someone pulls a gun on you, they are not going to wait for you to get yours out.

Yes, criminals can get guns, and issues will always exist with this, but why not make it harder for them to do so?

Healthcare: According to the October 8th 2007 issue of TIME magazine:


Amount the Iraq war costs per minute, according to a joint analysis by a Nobel-prizewinning economist and a Harvard scholar, who noted that the amount spent on the war each day could pay for health care for 423,529 children.

This is unacceptable

Illegal Immigration: This is again an issue of human rights. You cannot just round these people up like cattle and send them away. They came here because there are too few opportunities in their country. We must create a path to citizenship for them.

Marijuana Legalization: I just don't see the point.

Media Bias: The media is run by people. We all have personal opinions, it is hard to keep them out of your work.

we don't need to put restrictions on the media, we need to learn to check our facts.

Minimum Wage: It is a human rights issue again. We must give people a livable wage. If they can't eat because you aren't paying them enough for food, then you are essentially starving them.

Outsourcing: See Globalization

School Prayer: If you want to pray, go for it. If you don't, then don't.

Separation of Church and State: Separation of Church and state is important.

Just don't confuse Church with Morality.

Social Security: I think we should be able to privately invest it. But I think it should be monitored, so as not to be squandered.

Stem Cell Research: I see nothing wrong with it. Since I am pro-life, I don't agree with using aborted fetuses for it, but you can get stem cells out of the umbilical cord after a baby is born, and I certainly plan on donating after I have children. So much good can come of it.

Taxes: You can't lower taxes and fund a war. Sorry. The economy doesn't work like that

The Constitution: It's pretty cool. Makes stuff work.

Unions: GO UNIONS! They do a lot of good things. And, as a friend pointed out, if you like having your weekends off, you have unions to thank.

United Nations: We need to listen to the UN. There is no point in being a member if we are going to disregard the advice and opinions of the other nations.

War in Iraq: It's wrong. We should not be there. We need to find a way out. Too many people have died for a lie.

Welfare: I think that welfare needs to come with education. I believe in helping the poor, but we cannot just give people money. As the saying goes "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."

Wiretapping: Get a warrant.